Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The world according to Garp


"When Robin Williams played T.S. Garp in this movie, two totally original american icons met: A leading comic actor of that time, and the character whose loopy adventures made John Irving's novel a literary milestone and runaway bestseller. Fans of Williams dramatic work in Dead Poets Society and his oscar winner performance in Good Will Hunting will also savor his role as Garp, a sweet-natured writer whose life is a weird minefield of violence, adultry, fatherhood, rampant feminism and eerie coincidence. Glenn Close (This was her film debut) as Garp's formidable mother and John Lithgow as a transsexual ex-NFL reciever give impressive support, earning oscar nominations and critics laurels galore."-Taken from back of dvd case.

I had borrowed this movie from a friend and co-worker from the cinemas I work with. One day we had eventually got on the subject of "comedic" actors taking on more serious roles in their quest to be more well-rounded actors. Of course, like always, I brought up my love for Bill Murray and his more indie/serious/quirky movies. Somehow in this conversation my friend had brought up this movie "The world according to Garp" with Robin Williams, John lithgow, and Glenn Close. Quite honestly I had never heard of it, and my friend nearly fell to floor in astonishment. So, his reaction, and our ability to share similar movie taste's I borrowed it, and gave it a shot last night.
I could not be more happy with my decision to do so. This movie is beautifully made, the cast was phenomenal, the score was perfect, and unlike most movies made today, I felt a fondness for the characters. This is one of those movies that had to inspire Noah Baumbach in making Margot at the wedding, and The squid and the whale, while both of these movies are amazing, and have the ability for me to identify with the characters, The world according to Garp has something more. Maybe it's the fact that while most of the movie has some wholly depressing parts, it adds just the right amount of comedy to make it stay out of the darkness some movies of this same subject matter tend to stay in without adding something more to help the audience enjoy it more. While watching this movie, I couldn't help but to ask myself "Why did Robin Williams stop making movies like this?" Anyways, I highly suggest this for people that are actually interested in good cinema. If you get excited for huge Hollywood movies, this probably won't appeal to you.
However, if you like movies, like Margot at the wedding, The squid and the whale, The savages, and the likes, this one will win you over as well.

This is a scene from Garp's childhood, I just love the end where she's telling the dean how she got pregnant.

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