Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unleash the Future video series....Barack Obama!

So in light of the insurmountable amount of evidence of global warming and the decline of the entire eco-system on this planet the Enviromental Defense Fund came up with this little video series called Unleash the Future.

It focuses on alternatives to the energy crisis, and the people that are innovative in creating "green" energy alternatives.






For the first time in my life I can really believe in a presidential candidate. If we as the people actually electBarack Obama the above things could actually happen. As well as taking our troops out of war, working on rebuilding our economy, improving our schools, and protecting our environment and the living creatures who inhabit this earth, not just the humans. These and many others things are needed, and Obama is the first candidate that I have seen with such a revolutionary spirit and drive to try and actually fix this fucked up earth. Obama is also the first candidate to have a huge grassroots movement that is actually working, and if you were for Clinton before, now that she is not a candidate anymore she is fully backing Obama.
In order for Obama to win, we need to get everyone we know to vote. Especially the young vote, as this society right now is full with old rich white christian republicans.

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