Thursday, February 28, 2008

The start

So, I've always wanted to create some DIY zine, blog, or newsletter for quite some time now, but I have always had the problem of what type of zine I wanted to do. I could do a cliche "hardcore" zine, or just a plain music one. Or should I do a strictly graffiti art zine? Maybe one of those ones with some weird and wacky pictures and some written ramblings. I could do one with reviews of albums, movies, books, and the likes. I could even maybe do one of those activist zines.
Well, I have finally made up my mind, to put whatever I feel should go in this. Just let things flow, write some things, post some pictures, steal some interviews, and have anyone and all contribute to this. Who knows, maybe one day this will materialize in some form of written press you could hold your your actual hands, rather than some intangible inter-web-blah-blah.
Anyways, so here it is. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or just want to contribute in any way, feel free to message me. I'm a pretty chill open minded dude.


+SCUM+//KFU1 said...

well i think this is just great, now all my activist/politicl/vegan rambaling will be heard. thanks jesse =]

Jesse Hearts said...

No problem, keep it coming! Tell all your friends too!